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  • For the DC 2010 conference, we are planning a half-day Task Group meeting NKOS Workshop. It will be an open meeting to be scheduled on Thursday or Friday. Please edit and add your ideas and your role as the leader.

Group Meeting Minutes File:DC2010Minutes.pdf (Thanks to Margie for capturing everything in the length minutes!)


Topic: DCMI-NKOS application profile draft

Discussions of what the DCMI-NKOS Task Group has done (by then) and start thinking about the testing.

1. Reports of the first three components required by the Guidelines for Dublin Core Application Profiles [note 1] :

  • Functional Requirements -- **Leader: Margie Hlava** and **Ahsan Morshed**
  • Notes on user needs
  • Margie Hlava's straw man draft (five groups) and full ppt
  • Domain Model -- **Leader: Maja Zumer**
  • Domain Model File:Zumernkos.pdf Power Point slides, including a graph of FRBR-based AP model

  • Description Set Profile and Usage Guidelines
  • a) Metadata terms (elements) -- **Leader: Gail Hodge**, **Doug Tudhope**, and **Diane Vizine-Goetz** (combination of [what is on the NKOS site] and the JISC Core)
  • b) Usage Guidelines -- **Leader: Traugott Koch**, **Ahsan Morshed**, and **Marianne Lykke Nielsen**

2. Discussion of KOS Type Vocabulary

  • Current KOS Taxonomy -- **Leader: Gail Hodge**
  • Link to previously defined [KOS Taxonomy] and a graph

3. Planning for testing the KOS Resource Application Profile


1. According to the Guidelines for Dublin Core Application Profiles, a DCAP is a document (or set of documents) that specifies and describes the metadata used in a particular application. To accomplish this, a profile:

  • describes what a community wants to accomplish with its application (Functional Requirements);
  • characterizes the types of things described by the metadata and their relationships (Domain Model);
  • enumerates the metadata terms to be used and the rules for their use (Description Set Profile and Usage Guidelines); and
  • defines the machine syntax that will be used to encode the data (Syntax Guidelines and Data Formats).


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