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The DCMI-NKOS Task Group met during the DC2011 conference. Ten participants of the DC2011 conference also attended the first part of the workshop. Four of them came back to the second part of the workshop and worked with the three Task Group members to come up with the following solutions. Here is the transcription from the sticky posters:


page 1: User tasks* (i.e., The users will use the metadata that describe the KOS in order to … ):





Explore (just look around)

  • (based on the tasks defined by IFLA FRBR and FRSAD)

page 2. Why a KOS owner wants to share the metadata that describe the KOS

a. expose services & vocabularies (let know) b. publish a vocabulary c. register d. put in repository e. be evaluated/quality assessed f. be used g. be aligned/interlinked

page 3. Properties












Sample (=example)


Publisher (=provider)

Published documents (info about the vocab)

Related vocabs (need discussion on how detail we want)



.??? expansion of


mapping (=mapped vocab, no matter which direction of mapping)


Rights (suggested to have detailed properties such as 'license')



Services offered



The next step would be to: (1) align the elements posted above with the ones on TRSS [1] and Margie's lists; (2) to integrate the use cases, and (3) to share with outside world of these and generate discussions.

Please feel free to discuss and comment on the listserv for these.

To give a little bit more background:

  • The Task Group did some fundamental work in 2010, especially at DC2010 NKOS workshop. See wiki: http://www.metadataetc.org/wiki/dcmi-nkos/doku.php?id=task_group_meeting
  • The chairs reported activities and outcomes in an article for an ASIST Bulletin in May 2011. http://www.asis.org/Bulletin/Apr-11/AprMay11_Zeng_Hodge.htmlIt is a special issue organized/edited by Jane Greenburg: Knowledge Organization Innovation: Design and Frameworks http://www.asis.org/Bulletin/Apr-11/index.html Doug Tudhope and Margie Hlava also had articles on this issue.
  • Task Group members started discussions about two months before the DC2011 conference through emails. With the initiation of Margie Hlava, a detailed user tasks list and suggested elements for various user tasks were spelled out in a spreadsheet document. Elements summarized by Doug Tudhope and Koraljka Golub in their TRSS project and Margie's registry were mapped.
  • Some members also discussed face-to-face informally throughout the year of 2011:
  • Gail Hodge and Marcia Zeng met for a day to explore W3C's VOID (Vocabulary of Interlinked Datasets) elements in May.
  • During the ISKO UK 2010 London meeting in July, Traugott Koch, Doug Tudhope, Marianne Lykke Nielsen, Maja Zumer and Marcia Zeng met. It was discussed that a 'core' set of elements should be proposed first.
  • During UDC 2011 conference, just before the DC2011 meeting, there were informal discussions among the Task Group members Traugott Koch, Maja Zumer, Diane Vizine-Goetz Ahsan Morshed, and Marcia Zeng.
  • Next week at ASIST 2011 conference (Oct. 9-12), Margie Hlava, Marcia Zeng, Maja Zumer, and perhaps Gail Hodge will meet to go through the 'core' elements posted. Doug Tudhope already sent an email commenting on them. After clearing the list the team will decide what should be required and what are optional.

Again, Please join the discussion or testing these elements. Also always visit the wiki site for more information.


Marcia Zeng

[1] Golub,Koraljka and Tudhope, Douglas. (2008). 'JISC Terminology Registry Scoping Study (TRSS) report'. The report is published on JISC's TRSS project webpage. Revised 2009http://www.jisc.ac.uk/media/documents/programmes/sharedservices/trss-report-final.pdf[2]

==== Update ====:

  • At ASIST 2011 meeting in New Orleans, Margie Hlava, Marcia Zeng, Maja Zumer, and Joseph Busch met twice to further discuss the core elements and functional requirements.
  • Feb.2-3, 2012, at a Learning Linked Data workshop held at University of Washington, Seattle, Marcia Zeng, Margie Hlava, and Joseph Busch discussed the user tasks and elements. Margie prepared a workshop including User Tasks, NKOS Core, and Functional Requirements and sent to the whole group.
  • Feb.9-10, 2012, Maja Zumer and Marcia Zeng worked together to prepare the current 'Work In Progress' draft, absorbing the contents Margie sent a week ago.
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