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The DCMI Localization and Internationalization Community is a forum for individuals and organizations to share information and exchange ideas on the use of Dublin Core in their local or domain-specific applications with the global community. It also provides a forum for promoting interoperabilty and discussion on any issues arising from or relating to the use of DC in a variety of languages and cultures.

The goals of this community are:

Exchange of information, knowledge and general discussion within the global community to promote interoperability in local or domain specific use of DC. This can include:

  • Use of DC in local languages, cultures and domains;
  • Interoperability of metadata in the global community;
  • Definitions of elements and qualifiers to express language or culture specific information;
  • Maintenance of element/qualifier definitions in a variety of languages;
  • Multilingual metadata description and vocabularies;
  • Reuse of metadata schemas and application profiles in the global community,

Issues arising may include:

  • Approval process of non-English vocabularies;
  • Encoding of multilingual metadata descriptions;
  • Cross- / multi-lingual interoperability of metadata;
  • Community model for developing culture- and domain-specific elements / qualifiers;
  • Translation and versioning of element/qualifier.

For 2009-2011 the DCMI Localization and Internationalization Community has focused on developing Guidelines for Translating Dublin Core Specifications through the work of the DCMI Translation Task Group.


Shigeo Sugimoto University of Library and Information Science Tsukuba

Karen Rollitt Government Technology Services, New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs

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