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The DCMI Science and Metadata (DC-SAM) Community is a forum for individuals and organizations to exchange information and knowledge about metadata describing scientific data (data methodologically collected for research, analysis, tracking, forecasting, and other uses). The Community focuses on metadata challenges specific to scientific data curation, and solutions that will benefit from the architecture and global reach of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.

The central challenges include:

  • Canonical identification of datasets, critical for establishing provenance, auditing value and use, and attracting social-networking attention that will enhance their value.
  • Better description of data and vocabularies, such that potential users may more easily determine suitability for use and repurposing, as well as ancillary applications for rendering and interpretation.
  • Design and declaration of schemas to support reuse.

Related discussion takes place on the DC-SCIENCE list.

CAMP-4-Data Workshop

  • Cyber-infrastructure and Metadata Protocols: CAMP-4-Data Workshop: A Dublin Core-Science and Metadata Community (DC-SAM)/Research Data Alliance (RDA) Workshop: 6 September 2013 @ DC-2013 in Lisbon, Portugal).

CAMP-4-Data Workshop (Agenda)

6 September 2013 @ DC-2013 in Lisbon, Portugal)

Previous documents and activities



  • Community leadership: Alex Ball, UKOLN; Jane Greenberg, SILS/MRC (Metadata Research Center) UNC; and Jian Qin, iSchool/Syracuse University
  • DC-SAM has over 270 Community Members (Member name listing is voluntary).

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