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Board Charge

The Technical Board is the organizational body that ensures the publication and maintenance of DCMI technical and semantic specifications in accordance with DCMI policy. These include specifications to which DCMI has made a long-term maintenance commitment, adaptations of DCMI specifications published by formal standards organizations, and specifications published as products of DCMI communities. The Technical Board serves as the primary advisory body for DCMI for matters pertinent to the Board's charge.


The Technical Board encompasses the work of three committees:

  • Usage Committee. The Usage Committee takes technical decisions regarding all semantic specifications to which DCMI, as an organization, has made a long-term commitment (primarily DCMI Metadata Terms).
  • Standards Committee. The Standards Committee manages the processes by which adaptations of DCMI specifications are recognized and published by formal standards organizations (primarily ISO 15836), as well as liaison relationships between DCMI and other such organizations.
  • Community Specifications Committee. The Community Specifications Committee manages the work of DCMI Communities and Task Groups and the publication of their work results as DCMI Community Specifications in accordance with DCMI policy.
  • Techncial Infrastructure Committee. The Technical Infrastructure Committee (TIC) ensures the ongoing development, imlementation, sustainable operations and oversight of DCMI's Technical Infrastructure as well a any guiding policies to achieve identified goals.
  • DCMI FOAF Cooperation Task Group. The DCMI/FOAF Task Group monitors implementation of the DCMI-FOAF Agreement).


Kai Eckert, Technical Board Co-Chair, Co-Chair Usage Committee
Valentine Charles, Technical Board Co-Chair, Co-Chair, Community Specifications Committee
Leif Andresen, Chair, Standards Committee
Thomas Baker, Co-Chair, Usage Committee
Stuart Sutton, Co-Chair, Community Specifications Committee
Criteria: Chairs and Co-Chairs of committees under the Technical Board serve as members of the Technical Board. Additional members may be appointed to the Technical Board subject to the approval of the Governing Board.



The Technical Board reports to the Executive Committee in a manner set out in the Board Policies & Procedures.

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