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Purculating activities

2014-06-20. RDF_Application_Profiles are the focus of a new DCMI Task Group ("RDF-AP") co-chaired by Antoine Isaac and Karen Coyle. Since March, the topic has been discussed on the DC-Architecture mailing list, on this wiki, and in a series of teleconferences. The DCMI draft Description Profile Constraint Language is being compared with a W3C draft, Shape Expressions, and we are looking at software tools such as RDForms from MetaSolutions. The questions are: How can validatable constraints be defined for RDF data, and what kinds of tools and processes can this support?

About DCMI (and this wiki)

The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative ("DCMI") is an open organization engaged in the development of interoperable metadata standards that support a broad range of purposes and business models. DCMI's activities include work on architecture and modeling, discussions and collaborative work in DCMI Communities and DCMI Task Groups, annual conferences and workshops, standards liaison, and educational efforts to promote widespread acceptance of metadata standards and practices.

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