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DCMI Alignment Task Group

A Task Group of the DCMI Architecture Forum[1]

Co-chair: Tom Baker and Dan Brickley


2012-05-14: Agenda, Report

2012-04-05: Agenda, Report: source of mappings, publication form, use of RDFa, semantics

2012-01-09: Agenda, Report: Informal call to discuss the practicalities of issues tracking and publication.

2011-12-12: Agenda, Report: Methods and process for deciding alignments; start to discuss alignment proposal.

Purpose and objectives

The initiative[2] aims at providing terms that webmasters can embed in Web pages to improve search results. For simplicity of adoption, the initiative is defining all of its terms in its own namespace. Where terms overlap with DCMI metadata terms, this Task Group will define and publish formal mappings.

The Task Group will work with the maintainers of -- "a complementary effort by people from the Linked Data community to support deployment and usage with a special focus on Linked Data"[3] -- which has already published a placeholder for future mappings to Dublin Core[4]. The Task Group will identify use cases for the mappings and define a process and workflow to create, publish, and maintain the mappings.

Membership in the Task Group is open to any interested member of the public. Unless the volume of traffic warrants the creation of a separate mailing list, discussion in the Task Group will take place on the dc-architecture mailing list.[5] (See also an initial scratchpad for issues.)

Starting with a draft set of mappings from Bernard Vatant, the group aims at completing a review and publishing a final version in the first quarter of 2012.

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