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Handbook: Table of Contents
Governing Board committees: Membership & FinanceNominations & Bylaws
Technical Board committees: UsageStandards & LiaisonsCommunity SpecificationsInfrastructure Advisory Committee (IAC)
Advisory Board committees: Conferences & MeetingsEducation & Outreach
Management: ExecutiveDirectorate


Committee Charge

The Executive Committee, comprised of the chairs and chairs-elect of DCMI's three boards, has two general purposes: (1) to represent the interests, concerns and agenda of their respective boards in collaborative Committee deliberations and decision-making; and (2) to provide a means for routine DCMI management decisions to be made without the full convening of the members' respective boards while maintaining the authority of the boards.


  • Michael Crandall, Governing Board Immediate Past Chair, University of Washington, USA
  • Eric Childress, Governing Board Chair, OCLC Research, USA
  • Kai Eckert, Technical Board Co-Chair, University of Mannheim, Germany
  • Marcia Zeng, Advisory Board Immediate Past Chair, Kent State University, USA
  • Joseph Busch, Advisory Board Chair, Taxonomy Strategies, USA
  • Tom Baker, Ex-Officio, DCMI, USA
  • Stuart Sutton, Ex-Officio, DCMI, USA
  • Joseph Tennis, Governing Board Chair-Elect, USA
The Chairs, Co-Chairs, Chairs-Elect are Committee members with the Managing Director as ex-officio.

Scope, Work & Reporting

  • (TBD) Extended description of the jurisdiction, key activities and responsibilities of the Committee
  • Reporting: The Executive Committee Chair reports to the Governing Board in a manner set out in the Board Policies & Procedures


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